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Data Analytics and Systems Overhaul

By leveraging your data, you can get crystal clear on what's bringing in profit AND build systems to maximize that profit. 

How We Can Help You

We get it. We've been there. As a business owner, it can feel like there's never enough time, energy, and money for your business. And it's easy to develop "shiny object syndrome" chasing all the strategies the gurus tell you will be the key to massive profits... Only to be left feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. BUT we are here to tell you, you don't need to do that anymore! When you have an easy way to understand your data, you know exactly what works for your business. You know exactly where to put your time and energy, so you can start working smarter not harder AND stop feeling like you're working 24/7.

  • Google Analytics

    We clean up your Google Analytics so you have the most accurate data possible. Don't have Google Analytics set up for your business? We can start from scratch too.

  • Data Dashboards

    Customized data dashboards that work for your business. Quickly access the information you need to make decisions on your business.

  • Consult on Your Data

    Consulting (frequency based on your needs) on your marketing measurement. We assist with reading your data and guiding your next steps based on the data. 

What is a Data Dashboard?

Check it out!

Data Dashboards are interactive and automated pages that house the data you need to know to make profit generating decisions for your business. Dashboards help tell a story about your marketing and your customers journey.

When we create your custom Data Dashboard, we get to know your business and the questions you need answers to. The dashboard gets customized to your business' needs. There's no one size fits all here.

Want to know which product is getting the most sales or where your traffic is coming from? Want to know how your funnel is performing? We can create a dashboard for that to.

The best thing about the dashboard: there is no work for you. It updates automatically. The information you need to make decisions in your business, right at your fingertips.

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